Lisa Buddemeier

Trainer, coach and lecturer of intercultural management

Lisa Buddemeier

I have been a trainer, coach and mediator for five years now. In addition to that I have been working as a lecturer of intercultural management in the Bremen High School since 2009.

Experience in three languages and in over ten countries

During the five years of my self-employment I have had the possibility to gain work experience in over ten countries and in three languages (German, English, Spanish). In addition to that I work with diverse target groups: German and international students, medical professionals, NGO-workers, managers from different departments and a lot more.

Study and work in Kiel, Rio and Lisbon – from 1999 till 2005

During my studies in psychology I established the foundation for my international activities: through a semester abroad and an apprenticeship I studied and worked between 1999 and 2005 in Kiel, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. After the completion of my Diploma in Psychology followed by professional trainings as mediator, in coaching as well as many trainings in intercultural competences and other themes. A closer look into my core areas of work, qualifications and references can be found in my trainer profile.

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Lisa Buddemeier

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