Working Method

Learning should be fun

For me, professionalism goes together with a personal and warm atmosphere – in my trainings as well as in my coachings and mediations. It is the same with seriousness and enjoyment, for me they are impossible to divide from each other: Learning may and should be fun.

Every training is unique

As every participating group and also every client is unique, my trainings and coachings are also one-of-a-kind events tailored to the individual. They become formed anew as part of a creative dialogue with my clients. In this process, scientific theory forms the foundation of such a collaboration. The new insights arising will be however tested in simulations and other exercises, focusing the practical usage for my clients: The means available will be strengthened and widened in a targeted manner.

Everything flows

Panta rhei – everything flows, everything is in movement. This basic principle is perceivable in my trainings: Perspectives change, pictures (of the world) which had been assumed and decided upon get into movement. People open themselves for new experiences.